Surprising facts about being a Maltese "tourist" in Valletta

Valletta, Malta's capital city, is quite a gem. Built in the 16th-century, it has stood the test of time and war to become a cultural centre, as well as a UNESCO heritage site. In recent years, Valletta has experienced a cultural resurgence, with its successful year as European Capital of Culture in 2018, having positively revitalised the city. 

The city has experienced a huge influx of tourists in recent years, and if you've visited—very difficult not to!—you might realise why. But if you really want to know what the fuss is about, why not indulge in a weekend break and experience Valletta as a tourist yourself?

Break Water

Be a Valletta tourist

While this suggestion may catch you by surprise, we can assure you Valletta has a lot to offer when it comes to taking it easy. Weekend breaks are a great, affordable way to refresh yourself from the day-to-day life, and a change of scenery does everyone a wealth of good! And while a staycation in Valletta may seem different to the norm of ‘getting away’, the city is a great place to have a weekend break for many reasons!

Stay in style!

It’s really easy to stay in Valletta, thanks to the thriving boutique hotels in the city. Staying inone is an experience unto itself—stylish, comfortable and affordable like no other, and right in the heart of the city too.

Ursulino front door

Thanks to the care given to restore the period architecture adorning most of these hotels, you’re sure to feel the city vibes as never before.

Ursulino Room

The sights!

Some of the most seductive highlights are the sights, and, apart from the architectural wonders, Valletta boasts some of the most beautiful historical scenarios in Europe. Staying somewhere with a great view of the city and surrounding sea is a sure way to experience some unusually inspiraing vantage points. A case in point is Ursulino’s fantastic roof terrace with its unobstructed view of the Valletta skyline and the Grand Harbour.

Ursulino Roof Top 2

The food!

Strolling in Valletta will also have its benefits as you stumble across the many restaurants you might have seen or heard about from friends or radiowaves. There are so many award-winning restaurants in Valletta, you’ll have your head spinning trying to decide which one to try out! From delectable pizza to mouth-watering fusions, Valletta has it all when it comes to food, and there has never been a better time to snatch a table at one of these superb establishments.

Sotto Food

Here at Ursulino, we pride ourselves on being part of the thriving, throbbing city that is Valletta. Situated in the heart of the city in a former family townhouse, our 5-star luxury accommodation offers top-notch standards along with the warmth and intimacy of a family-run boutique B&E experience.

Our Albergo diffuso concept, offers accommodation in satellite rooms around the city—authentic, luxurious apartments set up to the highest standards, and minutes away from the Ursulino main building.

With a weekend break starting from 100 Euro per night, breakfast included and the best available room upgrade, opting in is just one click away.