December must be the cosiest month of the year, time for holidays during which to eat, feast and love. And what’s not to love about some time off to spend with loved ones and relaxing?

Paying a visit to the city during the festive month of December might prove rewarding on many fronts. Christmas time brings the city alive in a special way, and we have put together some attractions for you to consider on your visit to the capital of Malta.

The Lights

Christmas lights december ursulino valletta boutique hotel

Simply walking into the city can prove to be a treat in itself. The streets of Valletta are decked in merry Christmas lights, newly commissioned every year, always a happy surprise, year in, year out. They stretch across Valletta on the main streets, and along some of the quainter, quieter streets.

They are particularly spectacular down the length of Republic Street and other main shopping streets such as Merchant’s Street, where they are generally choreographed for special effect.

The Shopping

Shopping in valletta december ursulino valletta boutique hotel

Now we’ve mentioned it, shopping! Yes, Valletta is quite a popular shopping destination in Malta, with plenty of shops that pander to a lot of tastes and wishes. From clothes to accessories to gifts and everything in between, Valletta offers to help you cross out a lot of lines off that shopping list.

The Nightlife

nightlife in valletta december ursulino valletta boutique hotel
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Valletta is a different city by night, especially in recent years with its resurgence as a great destination for nightlife. Christmas time proves to be a popular time for people to enjoy their time off with friends and family; the number and variety of bars, venues and events makes Valletta a rather attractive prospect for a night out!

Many people enjoy the Christmas Markets as well as the various Charity Galas, dinners and parties organised by various entities.

The Food

Food in valletta december ursulino valletta boutique hotel
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Along with the nightlife comes the cuisine, and Valletta has plenty to offer in the gastronomical department. From specialty local cuisine to international fusions, you'll definitely find your fix. If you desire to dine in the City any time during December, do make sure to pre-book since most eateries can be pretty busy with group events.

The Arts

Arts in valletta december ursulino valletta boutique hotel
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While December tends to be a quiet month for the cultural calendar, it is worth noting the staple Christmas events, like the pantomime and the concerts happening in Valletta.

Some yearly favourites, include the Christmas Village at the Valletta Waterfront, the Christmas pantomime at the Manoel Theatre and the Nativity Scene set out at the entrance of Valletta.

Christmass Mass

Christmas-Mass-December Ursulino-Valletta
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A popular Maltese family tradition during the festive season is to go to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. While this can be done at any other church, Valletta offers the most spectacular church in Malta, St John's Co-Cathedral, which is wonderful to visit any other time of the year, let alone during this special service.

The closest church to visit in order to celebrate this religious ceremony is the Church of St Ursula, just minutes away from Ursulino Valletta. Be seated by 23:00 hrs as the church usually packed and the ceremony begins at 23:30 hrs sharp.

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