Someone, somewhere in Malta, took it upon themselves to sit down and take note of all the hours of sunshine and henceforth, all the days of sunshine which the islands can bask in, year in, year out.

The end result of this note-taking, is that today it is generally an accepted fact that the islands enjoy some 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, which translates to no less than five hours of sun in the sky during winter and 12 hours in summer. Most certainly, this provides a steady dose of complimentary Vitamin D to anybody living here.

Malta Weather in Winter

Indeed, winters in Malta are pretty mild. Mild when compared to sub-zero temperatures in Nordic countries, but one must never just look at the barometer to decide what not to wear. There are several other factors to consider. The island is small, governed by the winds which dictate temperatures at their whim and fancy. A relatively mild temperature of 10 degrees Celsius can be spiked by cold winds that draw humidity from the sea, and hey presto, one is chilled to the bone.

Therefore, rephrasing the above statement, one can safely say that Maltese winters are pretty mild but determined. When the wind blows, it blows with a passion. When it rains, it does not drizzle, it generally pours short intense outbursts (even our weather has a Mediterranean temperament), and all this with great assistance from the afore-mentioned wind, which allows for a good drenching. Then when the night is fine and clear-skied, dew is abundant and typically soaks everything, including you, if you're standing around in the open doing nothing.

But, we can always rely on those blessed five hours of sunshine for respite, plus the hope that rain will happen at night, while we are under wraps. The Maltese love to bundle up, cosy up and warm up. Every excuse is a good one and homes are not only rigged up to beat the heat in summer, but also to embrace it in winter. Solid blasts of warm air will envelop you, from atop a route bus to the inside of every self-respecting building, to cafeterias and restaurants. The Maltese generally dislike the wet and the cold in winter as much as they love it in summer, so take cover willingly, congregating in eateries to partake of traditional winter-warming food and drink. 

One can still congregate and enjoyvgood company in the open however, when winter weather is fine, especially in full view of a stunning winter sundown as seen from the Ursulino Valletta roof terrace. Pair it off with a refreshing 'Sunset Aperitivo' ahead of some serious wining and dining.

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credit: Mercury Holidays

Christmas in Malta

The epitome of the Maltese culinary tradition is Christmas time, so that all throughout the autumn, there is a run-up of preparations for this festive season. Even whilst the country pays its respects to November as the month of the dead, the onus is on rehearsing for the Christmas week and all the activities which lead up to it and follow on.

And yes, it is generally colder during Christmas, and although it does not snow in Malta, hail happens, and sometimes even soft snowflakes which the Maltese call ‘borra’.

The temperature is never cold enough to allow these flakes to survive long enough to turn to snow. However, ‘borra’ is enough for the Maltese to feel they are getting their very own version of a white Christmas. More of an excuse to sit tight around the fireplace and drink some heartwarming ‘imbuljuta’.

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