The night is young! There is more to Valletta than all the history and the sights. The nightlife in the city is one of good fun; from eating to meeting new people and surrounding yourself with culture, the city is one of the best spots on the island for a great night.

1. Dinner plans?

Everyone has dinner plans, not just the foodies. Valletta has you covered with roadfuls of restaurants and eateries. In recent years, these have mushroomed all over the city, offering a diverse selection of cuisines, prices and styles.

Pick your choice of atmosphere and stretch your legs towards Strada Stretta or St. Paul’s Street for a sizzling experience.

2. One nightcap, two nightcap.

Following the innumerable restaurants, come the innumerable bars.

Everyone loves a nightcap (or several), and there’s no shortage of bars in the city. From the locals’ drinking holes to city staples to touristy spots, and everything in between, Valletta will have you spoilt for choice. Drinking and socialising go very strongly together here in Malta’s nightlife, and you will definitely be meeting and keeping some new friends!

3. Culture Vulture.

Freshly emerging from European Capital City of Culture 2018, Valletta has plenty of events, festivals and happenings still going on around the city. Make sure to take a look at some of the local art and culture centres - Spazzju Kreattiv, BLITZ and Valletta Contemporary, as well as the newly minted MUZA. The MSA and St James Cavalier also offer cultural and artistic events on some evenings.

Night at the Opera is possible at one of Europe’s major Baroque theatres, the Manoel Theatre, along with several others including the Open Air Theatre and MCC. There is a slew of other venues for live music, from the odd bar or street act, to the swinging Bridge bar. And then, there are the varied music or film festivals or concerts happening around the city every so often, if not every weekend.

4. Romance Lane.

There is no Romance Lane in the city; it’s romantic all over! There are plenty of places to perch at with your love, from the Barrakka Gardens (Upper or Lower) to the rocks by the sea, to the high bastion walls. One romantic haunt is Hastings Garden. Sights at night change to the twinkling lights from the surrounding harbour cities, making most places that little bit more magical.

Indeed Valletta’s nightlife makes a great date night.

5. Stroll into Town.

If you would rather not get involved in any dining, wining, viewing, cheering or romancing, you can simply stroll around. Walk along the main streets, the back streets, the alleys. There is so much to see, to take in and to memorise. It is all a different world by night, very safe, with plenty going on. Just looking at the darkened windows of drowsy buildings is enough of an experience to really capture the magic that Valletta’s nightlife offers.