Why the name “Ursulino” Valletta?

A building that faces the Convent of the Ursuline sisters.
A building located in the street of St Ursula.
Sympathy with the locally renowned Ursulini Orphanage located in the hometown of the Sultana family that run the place.
Ursulino seemed like a natural choice of name!

Choosing a name can be a nerve-wracking enterprise. But deciding on Ursulino seemed a logical option for this intimate boutique hotel set in the very heart of this marvellous City and cradled in the middle of this very long street. 

St Ursula, a virgin princess martyr of Roman times left her native England with a group of virginal handmaidens to travel to Rome on a pilgrimage to the Holy City before marrying her future husband. The story goes that they were all massacred by the Huns as they reached Cologne.

St Ursula thus remains considered the patron saint of, amongst others, female students. This inspired the setting up of the Order of the Ursulines in 1535, to provide education to young girls.

A convent of cloistered nuns dedicated to St Ursula is found in Valletta, precisely in St Ursula Street, just across from across from what is today Ursulino Valletta. It was established there in 1595 and the street was named for the monastery by the British in 1800.

This is a very particular street boasting unique characteristics. It is a street whose hundreds of steps lead one directly from downtown Valletta to its very hub and heart up at the Upper Barrakka Gardens and Castille Place. 

In total, it rises up in level by some three storeys. It is unsurprisingly, a dead end street , 690 metres long. It does not allow traffic to drive right through. One enters by car from one end, then proceeds by foot up a series of steps the rest of the way. Indeed it is known as "the street of steps". Needless to say, not much traffic flows through it as a result.  

A Boutique Hotel with a lot of history

The hotel building itself originated as a family home constructed from the ruins of World War II. The Vella family resided in it until the early 2000s when the Sultana family took over and established Ursulino.

It retains all the features of a townhouse, boasting traditional architectural features and decorative aspects such as the multi-coloured handmade tiles, the balconies, the front door. 

Ursulino Boutique Hotel Valletta stunning sunset roof top harbour view

The Sunset Aperitivo 

Lounging on the rooftop terrace, one can enjoy a stupendous view of the Grand Harbour, whilst sipping the Ursulino landmark aperitif, complimentary to all our guests - the trademark Ursulino Sunset Aperitivo.

Ursulino Boutique Hotel Valletta international and local Art collection with J Rodan

Art and Creativity

And it is never too much bother walking up to the view since there is the exceptional Ursulino Art Collection which, with its eclectic quality, enriches this Valletta house unequivocally.

Inspiring art pieces accompany guests around the hotel - local and foreign artworks, paintings, photographic compositions, and something unique to Ursulino - the MONSTERS Art Collection of J.Roldan

Ursulino Boutique Hotel Valletta key logo

Unlock a home away from home

Your experience of Usulino all begins with a little key - Ursulino’s distinguished logo and emblem - a key that unlocks the door to 82A, St Ursula Street, Valletta and invites you to step inside a Maltese townhouse ready to welcome you in.

You should definitely opt for Ursulino Valletta if you’re looking for a place to stay with a breathtaking view of the island. Have any questions? Feel free to Contact Us or Book your ideal room now!