Valletta is perhaps the most dynamic city of the islands and visiting it promises to provide a surprise on every corner. The City is busy in the mornings, as every self- respecting city centre usually is, but this does not make it any less interesting.

If you want to get a feel of the city at its freshest moments, get up early, a couple of hours before the shops open and really enjoy walking around, with your nose up in the air, and look at the architecture. Once the daily commuters start walking in, brace yourself for a dynamic day. Whilst sunny Valletta is all about being out and about, when the sun gets to be at its peak, you can seek shelter at the many indoor attractions it offers.

Ursulino valletta barrakka view

Start the day with a trip to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. Mornings can be nice and fresh, and the harbour area seen from the vantage point of the elevated gardens can afford an incredible view and photographic opportunities. From there, take the Barrakka Lift down to the Valletta Waterfront and grab your breakfast at the water's edge as cruise liners come into port. Riding the escalator to the city centre is a quick way to get back into the buzz of the city, but you may alternatively decide to hail a horse cab and get a slow ride back in style, peppered by the cabby’s frequent stops and descriptions of scenic spots.

Once back on your feet, you can opt to visit MUŻA - The Malta National Community Art Museum, and, if you have kids in tow, pop down to the Toy Museum in lower Republic Street. Stopping for an ice cream along the way will make the walk somewhat cooler.

Enjoy your lunch at the Valletta Food Market and then, down a quick coffee before heading for St John’s Co-Cathedral where you can spend a good hour or so, safely out of the bristling sun. By this time, you are probably ready for a siesta, a quiet hour at your hotel, to put up your feet and rest. Cramming too much in one day may be your only option, in which case, skip the siesta and head for the shops. And then, celebrate sundown. ahead of some serious wining and dining.with a refreshing aperitivo at Ursulino Valletta roof terrace where you can relish the trademark Ursulino “Sunset Aperitivo.
The night is beckoning……