28 August 2019

A Guide to Valletta’s Nightlife

The nightlife in the city is one of good fun; from eating to meeting new people and surrounding yourself with culture, the city is one of the best spots on the island for a great night.

18 July 2019

Traditional Maltese Dishes - A Summer Special

There are summer foods we hanker for all year round, and it is all about the ‘atmosphere’ which makes these dishes taste even better in the heat.

24 June 2019

Our guide to Malta's best beaches

The island is small and its beaches tiny, but the niche quality of most beaches makes them all the more unique.

27 May 2019

A Summer Guide to Sunny Valletta

Valletta is perhaps the most dynamic city of the islands and visiting it promises to provide a surprise on every corner.

30 April 2019

Valletta — a lot of life in a small place

No matter what country you visit, a capital city always stands out. Whether it’s the sightseeing, the entertainment, or the shopping experience, cities of the likes of Paris, London, and Rome always have a lot to offer; but even the smaller cities can surprise you.



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