17 May 2019

The Malta International Arts Festival 2019

Entertaining audiences since 2006, the Malta International Arts Festival aims to entertain those attending with numerous performances ranging from dance and musical performances to static visual installations.

30 April 2019

Valletta — a lot of life in a small place

No matter what country you visit, a capital city always stands out. Whether it’s the sightseeing, the entertainment, or the shopping experience, cities of the likes of Paris, London, and Rome always have a lot to offer; but even the smaller cities can surprise you.

12 April 2019

Best Spots To Watch the Fireworks Festival Malta 2019

The Malta Fireworks Festival, now in its 18th edition, has become an annual tradition in Malta, attracting thousands to view the amazing display of craftsmanship and creativity in the night sky over Valletta.
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