“Valletta is the designer city of the 16th Century built straight from the drawing-board of three men, a Political Leader and Head of the Order of the Knights, Jean Parisot de la Valette, a warrior engineer Francesco Laparelli, and a Maltese Architect, Girolamo Cassar. Valletta is one of Europe’s most sophisticated micro cities with an intense concentration of baroque architecture and a defense line of Fortifications that is second to none.”
Alexiei Dingli, Mayor of Valletta

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“…when Unesco named Valletta a World Heritage Site, it described it as 'one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world'.” Lonely Planet

It all started with a small watchtower standing on the barren Sciberras Peninsula until 1530. It continued with the development of the impressive structure of Fort St. Elmo in 1552. After the Great Siege of 1565, Jean De La Valette set out to build a fortified city with towering bastion walls, which would protect the island of Malta and give Valletta its unique skyline. 

People from all areas of Malta began to flock to the newly built Valletta resulting in the construction of lavish palazzos, delicately adorned churches and stately townhouses. The eclectic mix of architectural styles is what gives Valletta the character that can be seen today. In recent years Valletta has undergone major reconstruction works headed by the famed architect Renzo Piano.  Piano has incorporated modern architecture and reorganised the entrance to the city while retaining the strong atmosphere of a military city.

Named European Capital of Culture for 2018, Valletta is experiencing a major renaissance, with people from all areas of society moving back into a Capital that is today a thriving City - Malta’s commercial and financial centre as well as being the seat of the Maltese Government. The gardens, theatres, museums, churches, palazzos, Auberges, as well as the shops, restaurants, bars and cafés thriving in the City make Valletta an exciting destination for all visitors. Ursulino Valletta Luxury B&B is ideally located on the East side of the peninsula, overlooking Grand Harbour, in the exclusive St. Ursula Street. It is the perfect embodiment of this phenomenon. Come and experience it for yourself.