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Malta is all about Valletta; Valletta is all about the City’s old and historic skyline but especially all about Grand Harbour and the jaw-dropping views it offers; and Ursulino Valletta is all about these views, a homage to the stunning beauty of the place, to the majesty of the Knights who built it, and a unique setting for our guests to enjoy all of this whilst staying with us. 

Terrace Floor
Terrace Floor

Our Roof Terrace was created to offer the full enjoyment of these views for all of our guests – everybody gets to enjoy the best of our Grand Harbour views at Ursulino Valletta.

Our staff are committed to helping you experience the best of what we have to offer: a fresh wholesome breakfast prepared daily to give our guests a perfect start to their days, and a lovely glass of Champagne or Prosecco accompanied by traditional Italian prosciutto, salami and formaggi to create the traditional Italian Aperitivo - our trademark Ursulino Sunset Aperitivo sessions. 

No better way to enjoy what this majestic City has to offer.